Cari has been a national speaker for years, as well as a local pastor and spiritual director, but she has finally decided to jump into putting her wisdom down on paper--wisdom which always points people back to the Word of God. Armory Publishing is thankful that she has made this leap into a new phase of her journey with us with her new book Listen and Live: Through the Gospel of John.

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Fox34 posted a riveting review of "Rock Bottom: The Heroin Addict Next Door" stating: 

Rock Bottom’ has arrived at a time when the drug overdose epidemic is rising rapidly. With the help of Armory Publishing, Rocky Romano has published this book to provide a ray of hope to many who have fallen prey (or are falling prey) to this dreadful epidemic. The book showcases how Rocky’s life went on a downward spiral owing to numerous happenings since childhood like divorce and abandonment, followed up by alcoholism, that led to prescription drug abuse and full-blown heroin addiction.
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Happy day for readers!

Rock Bottom: The Heroin Addict Next Door has shown up and in bulk! First box of Rock Bottom books

Book clubs, recovery groups, and those who love addicts will be very encouraged by the vulnerable and insightful story of Rocky Romano's journey from a difficult childhood, into addiction, redemption, and recovery.

Get your copy today here or buy the book in bulk for your whole group. Email for bulk purchases (12+ books) or buy a full case (50 books) for a 30% discount

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This powerful memoir - ROCK BOTTOM: The Heroin Addict Next Door - is of one man's life of addiction, recovery, and redemption. That man is Rocky Romano, a vibrant, jocular salesman from northern Colorado. He has a magnetism that draws people to him in person and on the page. His story walks the reader through the ups and downs of his life in a way that can bring you to tears, and yet keeps that niggling little flame of hope alive, which drives you to keep reading. 

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The atmosphere couldn't have been more celebratory as the crowd of over 60 like-minded people gathered to revel in the 25-year prayer movement represented in "The Prayers of Many". 

Friends, past co-workers, and prayer warriors came out of the woodworks to connect and reconnect over this project...

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Come celebrate the great collaborative effort of a 25-year prayer movement that led to pioneering missions among an unreached people group.


WorldVenture, in partnership with Armory Publishing, is graciously hosting the book launch at their headquarters 1501 West Mineral Ave, Littleton, CO 80120from 6:30-8:30pm May 24th.

For more information about this event, contact Armory Publishing via email at or look on for details.

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THE PRAYERS OF MANY: The Story of a Church On Mission is not a book about how to pray. It's a book about what happens when we pray. 

The soft launch of the book happens this Sunday, May 1st at Cherry Hills Community Church in the Chapel building at 12:30. The event is open to the public and should be a great time to hear from the church who is the focus of the book about what is happening among the unreached people group, the Chantik, and what their vision is for the future. 


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April 05, 2016

We are looking for 100 people who care about making some noise on behalf of THE PRAYERS OF MANY to spread the word worldwide about how the Lord answers prayers. Will you join?  Read More

THE BOOK LAUNCH PARTY is sponsored by Perspectives on the World Christian Movement, a ministry of the US Center for World Mission (newly renamed Frontier Ventures), who is a great partner in the work of training and mobilizing believers from all backgrounds to embrace and fulfill their part of the Great Commission.  

The Party will be April 23rd, 7-9pm at 
"The Venture Center" inside the main doors at: 
1605 E. Elizabeth St, Pasadena, CA 91104.

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CHCC we need your #selfies

January 24, 2016

The book The Prayers of Many: The Story of a Church on Mission is largely the story of Cherry Hills Community Church (CHCC) and how the Lord has answered their prayers over the last 25 years among their unreached people, the Chantik.  

If you care about prayer and are willing, send your photo (or as many as you want to send) to by Feb 14th, 2016!!!

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