"The Prayers of Many" is Celebrated by All!

 The Colorado Book Launch of The Prayers of Many

The atmosphere couldn't have been more celebratory as the crowd of over 60 like-minded people gathered to revel in the 25-year prayer movement represented in "The Prayers of Many".

Friends, past co-workers, and prayer warriors came out of the woodworks to connect and reconnect over this project of which they all had some vested interest. It was an extraordinary time to revel in the parts played decades ago and how they laid the foundation for the current work and will continue to influence the future trajectory. 

While no church, no movement--save for the Moravians--can claim constant prayer in mission, Cherry Hills Community Church is an excellent example of how the waves of prayer that come can make a movement revive and even thrive over the 25-year course that it charted in the book. 






An exceptional diversity of mission agencies and organizations showed up to reflect on their part of the story and how they still have a heart to see the Chantik come to know the Lord, not the least of which was our host, WorldVenture. Harold Britton, an advocate for "The Prayers of Many" and Director of Church—Missionary Relationships at WorldVenture facilitated the evening with all the passion that his organization represents. WorldVenture is a tireless advocate and agency for work among unreached people groups and the perfect local partner for the book. 


DG Wynn was thrilled at how the story was received and looks forward to telling the story of The Prayers of Many to churches around the country as she begins a speaking and media tour later this summer.

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DG Wynn
DG Wynn