Aspects of a One-Sheet Book Proposal

When you apply to any publisher, APG included, you are going to need a book proposal. This is the document that covers your everything from the content of the book, to the marketing and distribution plans that you see for the book. Each publisher will have slightly different requirements and depth needed to the book proposal, but often they will all have common elements.
Below are pieces of information that will give you the skeleton for a one-page book proposal. You can and should expand this for formal submission, but this is a great "one-sheet" to start with. 

Elements to a One-Sheet:
- Working Title
- Theme
- Word Length
- How it differs from similar books
- Who your intended readers are (i.e., the Market)
- What qualifies you to write this book (i.e., If it is a book about    missionary   work, have you been a missionary? If it is about writing  well, do you have your doctorate in literature? If it is about baking,  do you have thousands of twitter followers following your baking  blog? etc.).
- Availability of the manuscript (If it isn’t available in less 6 months,  then don’t present it. And really, what I heard was that if it isn’t  ready in less than 3 months, they won’t consider it seriously.)
- Summary of the book.

Chris Wynn
Chris Wynn