On Air with Angie Austin

Authors Jimmy Smith and Raw Spoon (aka Ross Boone) knocked it out of the park as they entertained and engaged with radio host, Angie Austin, on her KLVZ show "Angie Austin's Good News." 

Ross shared the history of how he named his characters. Ross wrote this book to comfort his aunt after the passing of his uncle. The pair of them owned a farm in rural Kansas where they had a pair of donkeys that acted like best friends. As it turns out, our very own Mr. Boone is a descendant of the one and only Daniel Boone and his real life brother, Squire. The heritage is a proud point in the family and so it came as no surprise when his aunt and uncle had named their donkeys Squire and Daniel. What did come as a surprise was when Ross chose the donkeys to represent the sweet friendship he'd seen between his aunt and uncle. Thus, the characters had their names and it was a sweet ode to their family's history at the same time. 

Jimmy went in an entirely different direction as Angie was fascinated with his transition out of the pulpit (from two different mega churches) to finding himself behind the computer screen as he writes. It made a lot of sense when he shared briefly about his struggle with cancer and his deep and abiding desire to make people laugh and to help them think while he is at it. Writing is just the next platform for this old storyteller and one where he can reach even more audiences! 

DG Wynn
DG Wynn