Excellent Stocking Stuffer for Pet-Lovers

Finding affordable Christmas gifts is always a trick, but this year Armory Publishing brings you an excellent $10 stocking stuffer for the pet-loving readers in the family: the book Slobber and Sanity: A Man Hounded by His Dog.

Slobber and Sanity is a tale of wit and wisdom, bathed in the ridiculous. This book is perfect for readers of all ages, but if you are looking for a gift this will be a hit with MENDADS, and PET-OWNERS alike.

This first-person narrative is told through the eyes of a man and his dog. It recounts the phases of their relationship as the dog woos Jimmy from sheer loathing to a deep love and appreciation while teaching him a thing or two along the way. Each short chapter is full of the hilarious and harrowing and reads like a combination of a Texas-tall-tale and a modern-day parable. You’ll question the reality of the story while letting the nugget of wisdom sink in.

Any pet-owning family will laugh the day away with these chuckle worthy stories. 

DG Wynn
DG Wynn