Author and Speaker Cari Jenkins joins the Armory Publishing Family

Armory Publishing welcomes Cari Jenkins to the Family

Cari has been a national speaker for years, as well as a local pastor and spiritual director, but she has finally decided to jump into putting her wisdom down on paper--wisdom which always points people back to the Word of God. 

Armory is thankful that she has made this leap into a new phase of her journey with us, because we share that vision of helping people fall in love with the Lord, and knowing their own belovedness, as they dig into the Word of God and the words we craft in our books. 

Her first book, Listen and Live: Through the Gospel of John, is an amazing journey of spiritual formation in practice. It's simple structure helps believers learn to have confidence in their ability to engage with scripture, hear from the Holy Spirit, and act on what they've learned as they work out their faith with diligence and joy. 

Listen and Live will release Oct 2018 and is currently available for pre-order. 

Welcome Cari! 


DG Wynn
DG Wynn