Fox34 Celebrates "Rock Bottom" as a Story of Recovery and Hope


Fox34 posted a riveting review of "Rock Bottom: The Heroin Addict Next Door" stating: 

Rock Bottom’ has arrived at a time when the drug overdose epidemic is rising rapidly. With the help of Armory Publishing, Rocky Romano has published this book to provide a ray of hope to many who have fallen prey (or are falling prey) to this dreadful epidemic. The book showcases how Rocky’s life went on a downward spiral owing to numerous happenings since childhood like divorce and abandonment, followed up by alcoholism, that led to prescription drug abuse and full-blown heroin addiction.

“It’s a game changer. Remember, when you hit rock bottom, there is just one way to go, and that is UP!” This also is for those struggling with addiction and their family members. In a very real way, for everyone involved, it’s the fight of their life.  “If this book saves even one life, it has achieved its intended purpose”, stated Rocky Romano, the opioid recovery advocate, about his book.

In the book, Rocky talks about his pains as an addict as well as a self-destructor, and then goes onto share the redemption journey. It’s an inspirational story of a man fighting complete brokenness to seek ultimate victory! ‘Rock Bottom’ raises hope for any addict or his / her family member / friend and reinstates the fact that ‘what is lost can be found’.

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DG Wynn
DG Wynn