ROCK BOTTOM Releases Today!!!

Armory Publishing is proud to bring ROCK BOTTOM: The Heroin Addict Next Door to readers as of April 15th, 2017. 

This powerful memoir is of one man's life of addiction, recovery, and redemption. That man is Rocky Romano, a vibrant, jocular salesman from northern Colorado. He has a magnetism that draws people to him in person and on the page. His story walks the reader through the ups and downs of his life in a way that can bring you to tears, and yet keeps that niggling little flame of hope alive, which drives you to keep reading.

Most remarkable about Rocky's story is that he manages to paint the emotional landscape of his difficult childhood in a way that allows the readers to understand the pain, masked by pleasure-seeking, that laid the foundation for his path to addiction. Yet, most impressively, he paints this picture without blaming anyone else. He owns his choices.

For a non-addict who has known many addicts, this book was an incredible insight into seeing the proverbial "sad clown" behind the painted on smile. I never realized the emotional triggers that would drive an addict to take deeper, darker steps into the world of drugs. Steps that would take a social drinker into the deadly world of heroin and illegal activities to maintain his quickly formed habit. 

Too many of us in the world are addicts or know addicts, but we keep it hidden so that no one knows our shame. It is time to bring the issue in to the light. ROCK BOTTOM is a beautiful first step to do that. As the publisher of this book, I truly hope that it starts conversations in your home, in your communities, and in the schools to let people who are in pain talk about it well before they take steps to dull that pain through any form of drug or detrimental behavior. 

Congratulations to Rocky for penning this powerful story and sharing it with all of us. You are the exact kind of author and story that we at Armory Publishing want on our Lion's Share Books imprint. 

DG Wynn
DG Wynn