Cari has been a national speaker for years, as well as a local pastor and spiritual director, but she has finally decided to jump into putting her wisdom down on paper--wisdom which always points people back to the Word of God. Armory Publishing is thankful that she has made this leap into a new phase of her journey with us with her new book Listen and Live: Through the Gospel of John.

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Happy day for readers!

Rock Bottom: The Heroin Addict Next Door has shown up and in bulk! First box of Rock Bottom books

Book clubs, recovery groups, and those who love addicts will be very encouraged by the vulnerable and insightful story of Rocky Romano's journey from a difficult childhood, into addiction, redemption, and recovery.

Get your copy today here or buy the book in bulk for your whole group. Email for bulk purchases (12+ books) or buy a full case (50 books) for a 30% discount

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