Cari has been a national speaker for years, as well as a local pastor and spiritual director, but she has finally decided to jump into putting her wisdom down on paper--wisdom which always points people back to the Word of God. Armory Publishing is thankful that she has made this leap into a new phase of her journey with us with her new book Listen and Live: Through the Gospel of John.

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The atmosphere couldn't have been more celebratory as the crowd of over 60 like-minded people gathered to revel in the 25-year prayer movement represented in "The Prayers of Many". 

Friends, past co-workers, and prayer warriors came out of the woodworks to connect and reconnect over this project...

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THE PRAYERS OF MANY: The Story of a Church On Mission is not a book about how to pray. It's a book about what happens when we pray. 

The soft launch of the book happens this Sunday, May 1st at Cherry Hills Community Church in the Chapel building at 12:30. The event is open to the public and should be a great time to hear from the church who is the focus of the book about what is happening among the unreached people group, the Chantik, and what their vision is for the future. 


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THE BOOK LAUNCH PARTY is sponsored by Perspectives on the World Christian Movement, a ministry of the US Center for World Mission (newly renamed Frontier Ventures), who is a great partner in the work of training and mobilizing believers from all backgrounds to embrace and fulfill their part of the Great Commission.  

The Party will be April 23rd, 7-9pm at 
"The Venture Center" inside the main doors at: 
1605 E. Elizabeth St, Pasadena, CA 91104.

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DG Wynn is publishing her first book with Armory Publishing in May of 2016. It's called The Prayers of Many: The Story of a Church on Mission

Why She Needs Your #selfie

An element of the book's cover will be a mosaic of faces, but for a really good mosaic we need 10,000 headshots, i.e. selfies. If you are a praying person and want have your photo (albeit very tiny) on the cover of the book then follow these three steps: 

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    Authors Jimmy Smith and Raw Spoon (aka Ross Boone) knocked it out of the park as they entertained and engaged with radio host, Angie Austin, on her KLVZ show "Angie Austin's Good News." Read More
    Talking to children about all the un-fun emotions in life--grief, loss, sadness, etc.--is just that, un-fun. The way to have these all too necessary conversations about loss, grief, sadness, and learning to live again gets a little bit easier with a new children's book - Squire and Daniel: A Story About Losing Your Best Friend. Read More