Happy day for readers!

Rock Bottom: The Heroin Addict Next Door has shown up and in bulk! First box of Rock Bottom books

Book clubs, recovery groups, and those who love addicts will be very encouraged by the vulnerable and insightful story of Rocky Romano's journey from a difficult childhood, into addiction, redemption, and recovery.

Get your copy today here or buy the book in bulk for your whole group. Email for bulk purchases (12+ books) or buy a full case (50 books) for a 30% discount

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This powerful memoir - ROCK BOTTOM: The Heroin Addict Next Door - is of one man's life of addiction, recovery, and redemption. That man is Rocky Romano, a vibrant, jocular salesman from northern Colorado. He has a magnetism that draws people to him in person and on the page. His story walks the reader through the ups and downs of his life in a way that can bring you to tears, and yet keeps that niggling little flame of hope alive, which drives you to keep reading. 

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