DG Wynn is publishing her first book with Armory Publishing in May of 2016. It's called The Prayers of Many: The Story of a Church on Mission

Why She Needs Your #selfie

An element of the book's cover will be a mosaic of faces, but for a really good mosaic we need 10,000 headshots, i.e. selfies. If you are a praying person and want have your photo (albeit very tiny) on the cover of the book then follow these three steps: 

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    Finding affordable Christmas gifts is always a trick, but this year Armory Publishing brings you an excellent $10 stocking stuffer for the pet-loving readers in the family: the book Slobber and Sanity: A Man Hounded by His Dog. Read More

    Armory Publishing has a soft spot for our furry four-legged friends (not cats of course, they are no one's friend...not really, they just tolerate people). We love dogs and have partnered with the Basset Rescue of Puget Sound in the past and we are ready to do it again!

    Use the code IHEARTDOGS in December and have $1 of every Slobber and Sanity purchase goes to support The Basset Rescue of Puget Sound. 

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    Authors Jimmy Smith and Raw Spoon (aka Ross Boone) knocked it out of the park as they entertained and engaged with radio host, Angie Austin, on her KLVZ show "Angie Austin's Good News." Read More

    When you apply to any publisher, APG included, you are going to need a book proposal. This is the document that covers your everything from the content of the book, to the marketing and distribution plans that you see for the book. Each publisher will have slightly different requirements and depth needed to the book proposal, but often they will all have common elements.

    Below are pieces of information that will give you the skeleton for a one-page book proposal. You can and should expand this for formal submission, but this is a great "one-sheet" to start with.

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    I've always been a writer. It has been only in the last handful of years, however, that I've been taking the gift/job/calling to write seriously. Read More
    Talking to children about all the un-fun emotions in life--grief, loss, sadness, etc.--is just that, un-fun. The way to have these all too necessary conversations about loss, grief, sadness, and learning to live again gets a little bit easier with a new children's book - Squire and Daniel: A Story About Losing Your Best Friend. Read More