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Giving Up Gore - 2nd ed.

Giving Up Gore - 2nd ed.

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Giving Up Gore: When Our Worst Fear Became Our Greatest Gift the new expanded 2nd edition releases with Armory Publishing, Spring 2017! Enjoy the expanded Epilogue, additional photos, and convenient list of Scriptures and Quotes used throughout the book. 

eBook available on Amazon.

Book Description:

He was white and lifeless - still in his pajama shirt and diaper. 

His head was back, his hair wet, and his face white as a ghost. Nausea kicked me in the stomach. It happened - the water that I had loved so much...had taken him from me. 

Without thinking about anything but the need to hold Gore, I plunged into the water, moving towards him with my arms stretched out. I began to feel the fiery pain - the instant regret and guilt that I had not been able to find him was drowning me. 


Gore Otteson is a curious toddler with a habit of getting into anything he's not supposed to. This leads to the beginning of a bad nightmare when he sneaks away on his family's Colorado property. After an agonizing search, his body is discovered in an irrigation ditch - presumably drowned. 
In the ensuing chaos, his parents are pitted in a test of endurance. Gore is given a less than one-percent chance of ever resuming normal brain function. Though struggling with their son's likely fate, Amy and Dave Otteson cling to their faith and the reminder of God's power and the perfection of His plan. Little do they know just how remarkable the results of that plan will be...
GIVING UP GORE is a gripping and factual account of a family's unbelievable journey. They experience the undeniable truth: earth-shattering miracles happen. 



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