DG Wynn

D.G. Wynn is an author with many passions, but she specializes in mission-related narrative nonfiction. She loves helping missionaries tell their story to the glory of God. Her creativity takes another form beyond the narrative nonfiction as she has begun to dabble in children's books. 

Upcoming Releases

The Prayers of Many: The Story of a Church on Mission

This isn't a book about how to pray. It's a book about what happens when we pray. This is the story of how a church in the suburbs of Denver participated in a 25 year prayer and missions movement AND how those prayers were answered! The Prayers of Many features over 45 stories which illustrate how the Lord answers prayers in part, in full, or for a time. Each story is connected with a very specific prayer made by the church over the last two and a half decades. If you care about spreading the gospel, if you want to read how God answers prayers, then this book is for you. 

The church adopted an unreached people group and joined the movement of the Holy Spirit in praying and sending missionaries and its journey is one that any member of the body of Christ can relate with - the ups and downs, the challenges and victories of spreading the Good News. 

Missionwise: The Compact Guide to Before, During, & After Your Short-term Trip

Mission-wise starts by helping short-term missionaries prepare, process, and debrief their trip and then goes one step further by teaching them how to share what the Lord is doing around the world through insightful visual and verbal storytelling techniques. Key features include: an entire chapter of tips to improve your photography; another to help you process returning home and the emotions that come with re-entry; devotionals from international mission leaders and pastors, and journal pages to capture the details of your trip.

A Plain Old Life  (Children's picture book for ages 6-10 years old)

Joshua goes on an adventure because he wants more and believes there is more than the world he grew up in. Along the way, Joshua meets a friend to tell him about so much more than the world that Joshua knows.