The Hope 4 Healing Campaign, hosted by the Armory Publishing Group (APG), is part awareness campaign and part fundraiser for schools. As an awareness campaign it is an effort to get a poignant illustrated children's book into the hands of families to help children cope with the un-fun emotions of grief and loss associated with death, divorce, and separation - issues which effect every child. 

As a fundraiser, it’s simple. Schools need funds now more than ever to help our children have a bright future, and this campaign helps accomplish that.


School's would advertise the campaign to parents and community members, through their website, email, fliers, etc. with marketing materials provided by the campaign. Students would approach friends, neighbors and community members to encourage the purchase or sponsorship of books. The community members/parents would pay $15 to the school and receive a high quality children’s picture book called “Squire and Daniel: A Story About Losing Your Best Friend” and with it comes the Hope 4 Healing Campaign Guide written in cooperation with professional counselors. The guide shows parents and teachers how to use the book as a way to prompt difficult conversations that we need to have with our children to help them learn to process deep pain, in healthy ways, from a young age. The school receives all the orders for the books, along with the funds, and keeps $10 from each $15 book order, which will go to the school's predetermined need, program, or project. Then, the school will put in their order with APG for the exact number of books and guides ordered at $5 per book and delivery of books will be made within four-six weeks of the order. 





Our hope is that by having conversations like this early in life it will lead to children growing into more emotionally healthy adults, which in turn will contribute to: 

  • Less School Shootings
  • Less Addicts
  • Less Suicides (suicide prevention)
  • Less Crime


If the school of 500 students sells an average of 10 books per student, they will raise $50,000.00 for their designated program (500 x 10 books x $10 per book). 


If your pre-school, home school group, private school, public school, or 501(c)3 nonprofit organization is interested in running the campaign, please contact Armory Publishing Group at info@armorypublishing.com for more details.