APG publishes powerful, well-crafted nonfiction and fiction from emerging and established authors to "let the redeemed of the Lord tell their story" (Psalm 107:2a, NIV) in a way which edifies, entertains, and equips readers.

We have four primary imprints which we use to accomplish this goal. Each have their own parameters as to what types of books are published on that imprint. 



Armory Press publishes mission-related nonfiction. Each book published on this imprint is a story of Kingdom workers making a difference around the world. 


Lion's Share is an imprint designed to address problems in the world. Lion's Share publishes nonfiction, which edifies its readers through the power of great storytelling, or providing practical solutions to everyday problems.


HopSkip Books is the imprint specifically for childrens books. This imprint focuses on great fiction that will spur the imagination of young readers through the power of great storytelling. 


2Plus2 Books is an imprint for authors with a story to tell and something to teach. Experts have a responsibility to share their knowledge and creative approaches to learning and 2Plus2 is the place where those experts can share their gifts.