Jimmy Smith

Jimmy M. Smith has had an extensive career as a speaker telling stories and keeping audiences enthralled. He served communities throughout northern Mexico as a missionary and community developer followed by a season of pastoring two megachurches in Dallas, Texas and then in Denver, Colorado. After a long season in the church, he moved into a different type of ministry as a corporate chaplain for an IT firm in Boulder, Colorado.

His quick wit and deep faith have produced a national speaker who blends insight with gut-busting humor to captivate audiences. As a guest speaker at numerous conferences, both secular and Christian, it is fair to say that he is as comfortable behind the pulpit as he is apart from it. Though he is still available for speaking, he's taken up the mantel of writing (and thank God he has!) so that his stories can continue to inspire and resonate.

After winning a long fight with cancer, he lives and writes from his home in Evergreen, Colorado surrounded by a managerie of precocious pets.

Now Available! 

SLOBBER AND SANITY is a tale of wit and wisdom, bathed in the ridiculous. This first-person narrative is told through the eyes of a man and his dog. It recounts the phases of their relationship as the dog woos Jimmy from sheer loathing to a deep love and appreciation while teaching him a thing or two along the way. Each short chapter is full of the hilarious and harrowing with each chapter reading like a combination of a Texas-tall-tale and a modern-day parable. You’ll question the reality of the story while letting the nugget of wisdom sink in.