the Ottesons

Amy and Dave Otteson

Amy and Dave Otteson live in Golden, Colorado and are parents to their three young children. Dave works as a banker in Denver and Amy is a full-time homemaker. Giving Up Gore was a “labor of love” written out of obedience to share first hand evidence of God’s healing power.

“It was not something that came easy for us, but we felt that the true story with all the facts and multiple miracles needed to be shared,” Dave said. “It is not a story that can be rationalized with medical science.” Amy and Dave love time with their family in the mountains. They enjoy skiing and snowboarding with their kids as much as possible and look forward to the summer months in Colorado to camp, fish, and mountain bike.

Their family’s story has been featured on the Today Show, 700 Club, Dr. Oz and other news media outlets. They have shared Gore’s miracle with different church groups and Amy continues to be involved as a speaker to MOPS and other women’s conferences.