Raw Spoon

Raw Spoon (aka Ross Boone) 

Ross doesn't have a TV, aspirations for riches, or a clue about sports, but he has a big imagination. 

Growing up, the Church told him cardboard things, which left his belief thin and threadbare. However, through his writing and illustrating, he's been on a journey of rediscovering the world, his faith, and his calling as a creative. His God-given imagination has allowed him to connect with the Creator and has rescued his faith.

And now, he and Jesus are working things out just fine.  

Ross' children's book, Squire & Daniel, is a heartwarming tale of loss and learning to live again. This book will resonate with kids and adults alike. 


Squire and Daniel is a story about losing your best friend, told from the perspective of two playful donkeys.

It follows Squire and Daniel through their days of playing and chewing on fences together, but then one day Daniel gets taken away. Squire lays under their old apple tree all day too sad to do anything, until he asks himself one thing. “What would Daniel want me to do?” This motivates Squire to get up and try to care for other animals in the field like he would have cared for Squire. In this way, although Squire still misses his friend immensely, life slowly gets better again.