Rocky Romano



When the Lord blessed my life with a new family—my wife and children—we moved back to Colorado and I have since been involved in loving on the homeless in Northern Colorado and reaching out to any and all who struggle with addiction.

During my recovery, and after, I worked alongside the amazing people of CityTeam, San Francisco for over three years and was privileged to invest in the homeless community for the sake of the Gospel.

In fact, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book will go to help those recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. If you are interested in buying the book in bulk, please contact me.








Because mine is a story of hope, I am happy to share it with schools, youth groups, churches, recovery groups, and more. 



If you are interested in having Rocky come and speak, please connect with him on his website - - where he has several videos and a host of resources for those seeking recovery.