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Rock Bottom

Rock Bottom

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Rock Bottom is one man’s journey of overcoming addiction. It’s a story of hope to those in a downward spiral and it will bring hope to those with an addict in their life. Rocky uses humor and honesty to share how the emotional landscape of a childhood filled with divorce, moves, abandonment, and alcoholism set up the dominos of what eventually became his own fall into addiction. Fortunately, the story doesn’t end there.

As a man, he scaled the heights of worldly success in his career, but all he had for a foundation was a crumbling sense of self-worth. When troubles came, his early education in addiction led to his own path in alcoholism, prescription drug abuse, and full-blown heroin addiction. 

Self-destruction was the inevitable outcome of a life lived for himself, but after recognizing a few miraculous instances for what they were—opportunities to change—Rocky found a new way. Repentance and recovery has led to a redeemed life. Rocky was certainly lost to his addictions, but his story proves that what is lost can be found.

This book is perfect for book clubs, events, galas, and more. Inspire anyone who comes to your event by either handing out copies to your attendees or by coupling the powerful story with Rocky, himself, as a speaker at your event. Go to to learn more about him for book him for your event. 

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