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Slobber and Sanity: A Man Hounded by His Dog

Slobber and Sanity: A Man Hounded by His Dog

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SLOBBER AND SANITY is a tale of wit and wisdom, bathed in the ridiculous. This first-person narrative is told through the eyes of a man and his dog. It recounts the phases of their relationship as the dog woos Jimmy from sheer loathing to a deep love and appreciation while teaching him a thing or two along the way. Each short chapter is full of the hilarious and harrowing with each chapter reading like a combination of a Texas-tall-tale and a modern-day parable. You’ll both question the reality of the story while letting the nugget of wisdom sink in.

This book is perfect for readers of all ages, but if you are looking for a gift this will be a hit with MEN, DADS, and PET-OWNERS alike. 


"I thoroughly enjoyed this book, total entertainment, it had laugh out loud moments, and if you have ever owned or own a dog, which I have all my life, a must read to help you see the humor and lessons in living the "dog life."" - Connie W.

"If you need to read an uplifting book, this is it. I laughed all the way through and would highly recommend it for all members of the family." - Karen K. 

"Excellent read for the entire family! It just so happened to have arrived when my children went back to school. Perfect timing..we have been reading a chapter a night. My personal favorite so far is chapter 7 (I believe), regarding birds of a feather. Each chapter ends with a life lesson for all ages." - Jen

Such a wonderful addition to our library. I highly recommend it for a good laugh.  

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