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Squire and Daniel: A Story About Losing Your Best Friend

Squire and Daniel: A Story About Losing Your Best Friend

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SQUIRE AND DANIEL may be donkeys, but they have a whole lot to teach us about loss and grief. This book is for fragile hearts of all ages. It helps us acknowledge the waves of sadness that can come from all kinds of loss--death, divorce, deployment--whether permanent or temporary, and yet it teaches us to hope again as well. Let these two adorable donkeys help you process all the un-fun emotions in a way that both you and your two-year old can understand.

Squire and Daniel are best friends who spend everyday with each other, but everything changed one day when Daniel was taken away. Squire experiences the sadness of this loss, but puts to use what he learned from Daniel about being a friend and bravely makes new friends. 

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"I purchased this book for my two year old son, who lost his big sister to cancer just over a year ago. Despite his young age, he is able to understand the gravity of the loss in this book as it relates to him. He loves reading it and I do to. I believe that this story will help him understand that he is not alone as he tries to understand what it means to lose a loved one." - Emily S., Sept 1, 2015

"This is a great little story. Reading it I was reminded of losses of friends over the years. This book a a great comfort and example of how to move on from loss and appropriate for all ages." - Samuel D., August 2, 2015

"I judge a children's book by how my children react to it. I read this gem to my 4-year-old. She sat quietly through it, studying the illustrations as I read, and when I was finished she said, "Daddy, can you read it again?" Win. Then my 16-year-old picked it up and read it. When she finished she said, "Aw, that was so cute." And she read it again. Win." - Mike D., Nov 5, 2015

"This is a simple, beautifully-illustrated children's story about loss. While I would of course recommend it to any child who has suffered a loss in life, I think it's also a good book to have for a child who hasn't gone through that sort of thing yet. Life is full of struggles, and a book like this can be a good way to have a proactive discussion with your child about how to handle it when bad things DO happen. Although it is about the message, I found it to be story-driven, and that was important, too. Overall, it's honest and refreshing." - Alabama R., Sept 21, 2015


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